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Please contact me to schedule a class for yourself or for your group.

Sketch Stitching

Email or call 503-841-8028 to schedule a class.

  • 90 US dollars


I Love a Wonky Line Let me confess, I do not have a background in quilting. I failed 8th grade home economics because I couldn’t master the straight line. That has not, however, dampened my love of fabric. When I began making fabric collages it was clear I would have to learn free motion stitching. To say I was intimidated is an understatement. Luckily for me, I do not aspire to traditional, precise lines. I want to make lines that are gestural, full of movement and whimsy. I want my lines to add to the story. Once I learned to relax into the process, I discovered that I actually love this part of fabric collage. I discovered there is, almost without exception, no wrong line. My favorite stitched lines have the immediacy and energy of a sketch, which means they are not “perfect.” In this class you will learn how to set up your machine for free motion stitching. You will learn which machine feet and needles to use and I’ll share tricks and techniques to make your free motion stitching more successful and stress-free. Most importantly, you will learn to embrace the unexpected stitch. You will leave class more confident, adventurous, and empowered to adventure into the world of free motion stitching. This is a hands-on machine stitching class. You will design and practice simple repeat patterns and you will make a stitched ‘sketch’ that can be finished with acrylic inks or raw edge applique. Classes are 3 hours long. Materials provided include: cotton batting, cotton fabric, iron on adhesive, design inspirations, sketch paper, pencils, tracing paper, friction heat erasable pens, thread, needles, scissors. Please bring to class a 10”x10” design or sketch of your choice. You will stitch your design on fabric using the free motion techniques you have learned in class.


  • Sandy Moore Arts

    2200 Northeast 44th Street, Washougal, WA 98671, USA

    (503) 841-8028

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