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I love Color!

I am a fabric, mixed media collage artist. Fabric, paint, and stitching are my go-to medium. Fabric has always had special meaning for me. When I hold fabric in my hands, I remember some of the earliest dresses my mom made for me, the sweaters my grandmother carefully designed on graph paper and knit and the love that went into all of them.  It makes me happy to feel connected to the generations of women who went before me.

That said, I am not a maker of sweaters, skirts, and blouses. I'm about having fun, expressing feelings, and telling stories. My studio is my happy place! 

My collages incorporate commercial and hand-dyed fabric, inks, paint, pens, colored pencils, and free-motion stitching with an emphasis on playful, loose, colorful layers. The subjects all come from the heart; seascapes with families at play, bright whimsical flowers, and women – young to old. In this time of confusion and challenge, working in my studio brings me joy. My hope is that others will experience that same joy when they view my work.

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