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Field of Poppies_16.5X10.5 inches copy.jpg
Poppies   by Sandy Moore


Thanks for taking a look at my work. I love what I do and I love sharing it with others. For me, creating art is all about making something new that brings a smile to your face or touches your heart in a personal way. It may be a small thing but every little bit of joy we add to the world is a good thing.    

If you have ever said, “I wish I could be creative but I’m just not,” I am writing this for you. I want you to know you are creative. It’s simply not possible to move through life without being creative. We use our creativity every day to solve problems and interact with the people in our lives. What may also be true is that you have never given yourself the time and permission to find an outlet for your unique creative expression. The good news is, you can start any time. First steps:  Find a medium you are drawn to and a subject matter that speaks to you.  If that medium is fabric collage, I invite you to stay in touch. Sign up for my blog. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook. As I share my creative journey you’ll learn what works for me, what tools I use, how I structure my workflow, how I manage my limited workspace, how I deal with frustration, and much more. Sharing with other “creatives” puts a huge smile on my face! 


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